For 360 Video production we rely on production value versus cost. After all, unless you have a Hollywood budget, we aren't trying to produce that next box office hit...we are trying to leverage leading technologies to bring your business the edge it needs to reach and convert customers.

Unlike 360 panoramas and virtual tours used in our custom 3D60 Virtual Tours and Google Street View projects, video proposes many challenges that can't always be overcome in post production. Especially if we are streaming an event live on Youtube or Facebook.

Some of the camera equipment we tested while developing this service were good for getting the shot we are looking for and getting that finished video for public consumption.  I did find by using multiple higher quality cameras to obtain the full 360 spectrum and then "stitching" them together in post production gives us the best approach. This takes longer in post but we think its worth the effort.


Here are some published samples of 360 Video projects. I would like to thank our friends over at Act Now Promotions for letting me research and test things out with them--so if have participated in a race that they've timed, you may even see yourself in one of our videos!


Note: Apple/Safari users will not be able to utilize the Youtube or Facebook 360 video features in the Safari browser. These videos are best viewed using Firefox or Chrome on the desktop or using the Youtube or Facebook apps on your mobile device.