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To transfer your domains from StrataCorps to another domain registrar you will first need to make sure that you have made any necessary changes to the domain including contact information and domain name server settings prior to the transfer.  You will not be able to make any changes to the domain during the transfer process.

1. Log in to your account (note: if you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset from the Login page).

2. Click on the My Domains link from the Clients Area menu or

3. If you are preparing to transfer more than one domain you should use the Bulk Management Actions to complete the following steps.  Otherwise select "Manage Domain" next to the domain you are preparing to transfer.

4. Make sure that the Registrant and Administrative Contact information are up to date and they specify an Email address that you will have access to during and after the transfer process.

5. If you are ready to migrate your data and services to your new hosting provider, be sure to change the name server settings on the domain.  Otherwise you will not be able to make any changes during the transfer process which will lead to possible downtime for your email and/or website.

6. Unlock the domain by selecting the Registrar Lock Status button (bulk) or the Registrar Lock link (individual domain transfers) and then click the Disable Registrar Lock button.

7. Obtain your EPP Code.  This is the Transfer Authorization code that your new registrar will need in order to initiate and approve the transfer to them.  The EPP code will be emailed to the domain's Administrative contact (which is why step #4 is important to do before this step).

8. Once you have received the EPP Code(s) for your domain you will need to follow the instructions for your new domain registration service.

9. Once you have completed the order to transfer your domain(s) to your new registrar, you will receive one final notification from StrataCorps asking you to confirm the request.  Be sure to check your SPAM folders for this message.  In most cases this confirmation is sent within 24 hours of having received the request to transfer your domain away from us, but this can vary on the type of domain, the required level of verification established by the domain authority, and your new registrar.

10. When you receive our security confirmation and click the confirmation link provided the domain transfer process will now be in the hands of your new registrar.  StrataCorps will not be able to assist you with the domain or associated services from this point forward.

Did you know? You don't have to transfer your domain even if you are moving your website or Email services to another provider.  If our prices are cheaper, you can continue to manage your domain with StrataCorps that you need to do is change the domain's name server settings to the ones provided by your Email/Website hosting company.

If you wish to transfer a domain from your current registrar to StrataCorps, we can help.  Keeping all of your domains in one place is recommended.


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