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Of course! You can keep the convenience of having all of your domains registered with StrataCorps and leverage the services and products you have or need to establish with other companies.

All of your domain settings are managed by you through the online Client’s area here at our website. You can change the name servers to use your 3rd party service providers solutions, update your contact information, and even sign up for domain privacy protection and DNS service.

If your website is hosted with another company but your domain is managed by StrataCorps then you will probably want to change the domain’s name server settings to those provided by your hosting company.

Manage Domain buttonYou can do this easily by logging into your account on our website and selecting My Domains from the main Client Area menu or View your domains from the Account Overview page.

Once you are viewing the My Domains page, simply locate the domain that is hosted or parked by the other company and select the Manage Domain button.

Manage Domain optionsThere is also a shortcut if you click on the arrow and select Manage Nameservers.
From here, simply enter the name servers provided to you by your hosting service.

Manage Domain NameserversYou can specify up to 5 name servers for each domain.

Note: you will need to make sure that your hosting service provider has made the necessary configurations on their Domain Name Server for your domain before you make any changes here. Once you click on the Change Nameservers button it may take up to 24 hours before the changes are seen everywhere on the internet.

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