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How do I cancel my hosted web application subscription?

You can cancel your hosted application or service subscription at any time after the original term has been reached.  We only ask that you provide us with 30 days notice to insure access to your information prior to the service being terminated.

You must request the cancelation of your hosted web application or service online via the “Request Cancellation” option under the service Management Actions tab of your account.

From here you can specify when you wish to have your service cancelled by selecting the Cancelation Type from the drop-down options provided and choose from either occur immediately or at the end of the billing period.

Make sure that you have copied any content and data that you own from your website or application before requesting cancellation of the service.  All data will be purged automatically and may not be retrieved after the cancellation process has been completed.

What data is available for transfer and/or download from my hosted service?

It varies with the software service and the application.  For services like Outlook.com, Google Apps and other hosted Email services you will be limited to the data that is maintained by that system.  Google Apps documents can be downloaded as well as any Email that you have retained on your account.

For our Website subscription service you will have access to any of the HTML content published on your website through your site’s administrative login.

If you require assistance in downloading your content you may open a support ticket online prior to submitting your cancellation request.  There will be charge to have us export/download your data for you.  These costs will be estimated and an invoice generated for the ticket prior to any work being performed.

For accounts in good standing and for any Content Management (website) subscription product you may request a finalized data export at no charge that will include the following:

    (1)    The customized template design that you purchased when signing up for the service in an installable package format of the system that it was designed for;
    (2)    a list of the software that we used to produce and maintain your site as it was on the day of the cancellation request;
    (3)    and a database export of the website’s database.

We must receive your request prior to the cancellation of the service.  To request the CMS content for your site simply open a support ticket online with the subject “Content Export” and reference the domain for the service to be cancelled.  Allow up to 14 days for the content to be available for download from the support section of our website.

Again, there is no charge for this service for the first request.  However there will be a charge due for any additional requests.  Any additional charges, along with any other balances due or past due on your account, will be charged to the support request and completed when the invoice is paid.

This service is available to you anytime--even if you do not wish to cancel your subscription.  We encourage all of our clients to establish and test disaster recovery procedures that will help you and your business recover from any contingency.  Knowing how, where and what data is available to you is a critical component of that process.  Even as our systems are designed to be redundant and recoverable in any foreseen situation you should know how to mitigate a migration strategy in any situation that could occur.  We would be glad to assist you in developing a business continuation plan for the products and services that we offer.

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