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If you have a domain registered through us but are hosting the content (web, email, or both) with another hosting service provider, you will need to update your domain's registration information and specify the domain name servers that are provided to you by your preferred hosting service.

A brief background.  Domain names that are part of the URL that you type in your browser or email client require a Domain Name Service (DNS) to be published for that domain.  The DNS is hosted on a special server called, of course, a Domain Name Server.  These servers provide the world with a cross reference that translates the domain name to an actual physical location or address on the internet.

So if you type "" into your browser, your computer will first try and locate the qualified domain name server for the domain "" and then locate the specific address for the "" record published on one of the available name servers.  Your browser will then get an address that will direct you to the correct location out on the internet that serves "www" for the domain.

In a sense, DNS servers are like a phone book, where names are indexed and numbers found by cross-referencing the domain name.

StataCorps provides our own DNS nameservers for our custom applications and websites that we build and manage for our clients.  

By default these are:

Your hosting provider may offer up to 5 different name servers and a minimum of 2 (two) are required.  This provides for redundancy in case one server is busy or unavailable.

You can change the DNS name server setting on your account for any of your registered domains.  You will first need to contact your hosting provider and obtain the hostnames of the name servers that they provide for you and follow the instructions for adding your domain to their records.

StrataCorps cannot provide support for systems that we do not manage. If you are existing customer with a service contract or the domain is part of an application that we manage for you, then you should contact us with your requirements and we will be able to assist you further.

If your hosting service does not provide custom name servers you can alternatively add DNS Host Record Management to your domain for an annual fee.  This is a self-managed service provided for our clients who need custom domain name services for products that are external to the services we provide.  This allows any type of hosting records and even allows for custom URL redirects.  You can find this option in your domain settings under the Addons option of our clients management portal.

CAUTION!! Please be sure that your external hosting service is configured and set up to host your domain before making any changes to the "nameservers" setting for the domain.  As soon you make the change, all lookups for your domain will be redirected to your new name server.  Improperly configured name servers will result in disruption of service for that domain.

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