What is SecureWebSync?

SecureWebSync is a remote backup service provided by StrataCorps and can be used to backup critical files from your desktops or servers to a secure, remote storage server maintained by our hosting infrastructure.

SecureWebSync is not intended as a full backup and recovery solution--it is designed to provide our clients with an alternative backup location for a limited number of files (< 20GB).
Remote backup services also should not be used in your organization as alone or by themselves.  A disaster recovery plan should be implemented that includes the necessary resources and procedures to fully secure your data and recover from an outage.  We do partner with experts in defining, planning, and implementing Disaster Recovery plans.

The benefits of this backup service is that--once the initial "snapshot" of your data has been made, backup and recovery windows (the window or period of time it takes to complete a process) can be significantly shortened because the backup client only makes backups of the data that has changed.  Unlike other online or web-based backup solutions which can backup the entire file, even if all that you do is change a single word in a document.  Our system would only need to backup the initial version of your document and then only the subsequent changes to that document are recorded resulting in faster backups (the faster we can back up your data, the more data we can protect for you).

Please contact us for additional information or to help you with your data protection needs.

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