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Mailman is disabled on all of our secure hosting platforms.  We have other more secure options available that are suited to mail list management and newsletter applications.  Please contact us so we can determine what your requirements are and we can help you.

Mailman is a script, or a set of scripts to form the mailing list application.  It can be installed individually on your site, but it is disabled on the hosting servers.  Most of our hosted projects use other options that are more suited to this purpose including forums with subscription management, social networking packages, as well as hosted and 3rd party newsletter management integrations.

Mailman can become a security target for hackers looking for open doors to gain access to the server.  Instead of leaving the software running unattended, we have opted to disable the feature and install managed solutions for our clients individually on an as needed basis.

SecureWebUSA is not a traditional "shared hosting" service.  It is a managed service and specializes in hosting our clients' applications and services.

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