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FTP access to your hosting account

This notice is to inform you of a recent security update that has been implemented on the server where your website is hosted. This change will effect how you access your files to update your website and data stored on our servers.


You or your web designer may use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to access your files on your hosting account.

In the past we allowed logging into our services in ‚??clear text‚?? ‚?? that just means that the login user information (ID and password) was being exchanged from your computer to ours in plain text.

Several known exploits involve snooping and obtaining your login and account information and may pose a risk to you and our other clients. Normally this isn‚??t at issue because you are in your office or home and the conversation between your computer and our hosting facility would be assumed safe. However with mobile and remote access we aren‚??t really sure when or where someone is accessing your data and if that environment is safe from prying eyes.

I can‚??t tell you how many times I‚??ve been sitting at a coffee shop watching while a ‚??web designer‚?? works on their client‚??s website! And if you‚??ve been watching the news at all in the last couple of years you‚??ll probably recall a story (or two) about how information from mobile devices and public venues may be exploited for someone else‚??s benefit.

The change and how it will affect you‚?¶

Okay, really, it‚??s not that big of a deal. What we have done is make sure that our hosting servers only accept your login information if it has been encrypted. That‚??s basically where we jumble up all of the letters and numbers a bit so that only your FTP client software and the remote servers can read it.

All that you need to do is inform anyone that you authorize to access your data on our servers to use FTPS or FTP-SSL to transfer and update files on your account.

This change would be made to your connection information in the software (such as Dreamweaver, FileZilla, WincSCP, etc.) that you use to access your data.  Once you have made the change you will be able to connect to our servers and transfer and update files as you have in the past.


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